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My name is Linus Åkesson, though some of you may know me as lft. I live in Lund, Sweden.

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Blackbird is a modern music editor for the Commodore 64. It was released at Datastorm 2017 (outside of the compos). The software has been designed to work well both on real hardware and in emulators, and it comes with a comprehensive User's Guide. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 15-Mar-2017 08:09, 0 comments.

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I made a SID tune together with Dane of Booze Design. It ended up on 2nd place in the C64 Music compo at Datastorm 2017. Enjoy! Read more.

Posted Wednesday 15-Mar-2017 08:08, 0 comments.

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Massively Interleaved Sprite Crunch

This article describes the inner workings of Massively Interleaved Sprite Crunch (MISC), a new C64 demo effect introduced in my demo Lunatico. Read more.

Posted Monday 19-Dec-2016 22:22, 8 comments.

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Live at X'2016

I reinterpreted some of my tunes live on Pocket Operators at X'2016. The concert went well, but it wasn't recorded. Instead, here's a video of one of my rehearsal sessions, with some audience-contributed footage from the concert edited in. Read more.

Posted Monday 7-Nov-2016 08:13, 0 comments.

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Lunatico was my entry in the prestigious X'2016 demo compo. To my surprise and joy it ended up on 2nd place, beating such titans as Censor Design and Offence/Prosonix. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 1-Nov-2016 00:29, 3 comments.

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Perfectly Well-Adjusted

This was my contribution to the music compo at X'2016, where it ended up on 20th place. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 1-Nov-2016 00:25, 0 comments.

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Wings I've lost in dreams

This cryptic is a little different. It's highly inspired by The World's Tallest Cryptic by Ucaoimhu, but there are additional twists. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 6-Jul-2016 23:53, 0 comments.

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