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Jan 2017

Massively Interleaved Sprite Crunch

Linus Åkesson
Thu 5-Jan-2017 16:18

ralph wrote:

lft wrote:

Every other bit is inverted in the internal representation. This is sometimes done when implementing registers that have to be incremented quickly

Is this to speed the carry ripple? Have you a name for this technique so I can Google, or a reference?

I couldn't find anything that mentions counters in particular, but it's described for adders in general e.g. here, slides 10-11:
Fri 6-Jan-2017 21:38
Very interesting explanation of a very clever technique. The demo itself is also a gem!

Greetings from Poland.

Krzysztof (Brush/Elysium)


Sat 14-Jan-2017 14:17
i just ported this nice game to OpenPandora Handheld.
See here

Thanks for the game and the sources.



Sat 14-Jan-2017 23:53
To your surprise? Oh, please... Hands down, your demo was the absolute winner.


A case against syntax highlighting

Sun 15-Jan-2017 23:47
This argument is specious and it is absurd beyond all reckoning. Coloring every word of a paragraph in natural language is in no way similar to syntax coloring in a programming language.

I just cannot believe that anyone could take this argument seriously.

exactly. what a joke.

i couldn't finish the rest of the article after reading that sidebar.
Mon 16-Jan-2017 04:08
Well said, my friend.

When I started programming, color highlighting would have been impossible because all monitors were either white, green, or amber.

But even with modern IDE's, I find coloring to be distracting.

Now, there are SO MANY code variations, that assigning any meaning to them is rather meaningless. They are lost amid a WASH of colors.

To add to your "exceptions", here are the only other areas that I find color highlighting helpful. It is helpful not in reading code that is actually there, but helpful in finding code that is MISSING.

Unterminated strings. Missing closing tags/statements. That sort of thing.

About the only time that color coding helps me is when I see a long block of code that is obviously the *wrong* color. Pretty much the same observation you made about landing in a patch of commented out code.

And, hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Kirby Wallace