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Spindle v3

The third major release of Spindle was announced with a small demo at Gubbdata 2021. New features include seeking, silencing of other drives on the bus, and a 40-track mode.


(It's in the archive, but you can click below too.)



Spindle is an integrated linking, loading and decrunching solution for C64 trackmos.

The core of Spindle is a cutting-edge IRQ loader featuring extremely fast scattered loading and decrunching, minimal RAM footprint, and state of the art serial transfer routines.

On top of this, Spindle provides a linking framework that automates much of the tedious work traditionally associated with trackmo development. By hiding the details of the storage model, Spindle allows the demo coder to focus on effects, transitions, and flow.

Revolutions Delivered

The demo—which uses Spindle 3.0 of course—was entered in the C64 Demo competition at Gubbdata and ended up on 4th place.

The demo has a CSDb page.

Performance measurements

In this benchmark, I wrote a test program that would load the same data set (a single large file) from eight different locations on the disk, while a raster interrupt was occupying a given proportion of the screen. The loading time in frames was measured, and the median was computed for the eight values. The result was then converted to bytes per second.

The tool was ported to a selection of different loaders, and the results are shown in the diagrams below.

In the first scenario, the data set is a concatenation of the BASIC and KERNAL ROM images (16 KB). The second data set is this FLI picture, ripped and treated as a continuous 17 KB chunk. A version of the second chart also appears in the demo.

Click to see larger versions.

Posted Sunday 4-Jul-2021 15:29

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