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Music downloads

A Chipful of Love For You

I made a schlager chiptune for Gubbdata 2013, and it won the C64 Music compo! Read more.

Posted Monday 6-May-2013 22:07, 4 comments.

Air on a Rasterline

My contribution to the C64 Music compo at Datastorm 2013, where it ended up on 5th place. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 20-Mar-2013 16:08, 3 comments.

Allt under himmelens fäste

I suppose it's a bit upside-down to make a SID cover of a Visa Röster song. Read more.

Posted Thursday 9-Aug-2007 08:32, 3 comments.

Bit banger

Bit banger is my most constrained and minimalistic microcontroller-based demo yet. It won the Oldschool 4k compo at Revision 2011. Read more.

Posted Monday 13-Jun-2011 10:23, 14 comments.


"Bärnsten" (Swedish for "amber") is the result of an experiment I made a couple of years ago. I created some sounds on the C64, sampled them using an 8-bit sampler, and mixed them with some drum loops using a multi-channel tracker on the Amiga. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 2 comments.

Carol of the Bells

This piece, Shchedryk, was written by Ukrainan composer Mykola Leontovych in 1916, as an assignment for a harmony course. The ostinato is an ancient new year's chant. Peter Wilhousky wrote the English lyrics in 1936, transforming the song into a Christmas carol. Read more.

Posted Sunday 19-Dec-2010 18:01, 4 comments.


Two well-known pieces from the Castlevania series: Vampire Killer by Kinuyo Yamashita and Bloody Tears by Kenichi Matsubara. Read more.

Posted Saturday 17-Sep-2011 19:11, 4 comments.


Craft is a demo running on its own minimalistic demo platform. The demo platform is based on an ATmega88 microcontroller. Read more.

  • lft_craft (Original video clip, Xvid, 89.4 MB)
  • lft_craft_src (Schematics, firmware binaries and source code, 70.5 KB)

Posted Thursday 27-Mar-2008 20:33, 161 comments.


Title theme for the C64 game Delta, composed by Rob Hubbard in 1987, performed live on the Chipophone. The piece was heavily inspired by the final movement of the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack which was composed by Philip Glass in 1982. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 25-Aug-2010 18:23, 6 comments.

DuckTales, The Moon

DuckTales, "The Moon" level, composed by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi (?) in 1989, performed on the Chipophone. Read more.

Posted Sunday 15-Aug-2010 11:27, 5 comments.

First Day of Spring

I was asked to compose a tune to a chip disk, early in 2006, but the whole project appears to have been abandoned. So I'll just put my song here instead. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 2-Jan-2007 13:55, 0 comments.


Fratres by Arvo Pärt is one of my favourite pieces of music. The analytical meets the aesthetical as Pärt takes us on a meditative, harmonical journey, built up from a simple set of mathematical rules. Read more.

Posted Monday 3-Dec-2007 06:52, 40 comments.


Named after one of the characteristic features of the SID chip, Hardsync is a C64 party game that follows in the (wait for it...) footsteps of games like Dance Dance Revolution and StepMania. Read more.

Posted Thursday 8-Nov-2012 14:23, 10 comments.


At Dreamhack Winter 2004 there was a surprise compo (called the fast music compo) in which one had to write a piece of music using only the default set of sound samples shipped with Windows. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 27-Dec-2006 13:12, 0 comments.

International Karate

International Karate, composed by Rob Hubbard in 1986. This one turned out to be incredibly fun to play! Hope you'll enjoy listening as well. Watch out for the two places where new loops are recorded on the fly. Read more.

Posted Sunday 20-Feb-2011 21:39, 7 comments.

King Fisher 0x28

This little tune was composed for my good friend Linus Walleij, who turned 0x28 recently. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 10-Jul-2012 20:46, 6 comments.

Kung Fu Goldfish

A fun event at Backslash 2007 was the 4 KB tracked music compo. My contribution was in the MOD format (ProTracker), which turned out to be quite a challenging restriction. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 1-Aug-2007 17:01, 0 comments.

Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda, composed by Koji Kondo in 1986, performed on the Chipophone. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 3-Aug-2010 18:16, 11 comments.


LFF by Matt Simmonds (4-mat), performed on the Chipophone. Read more.

Posted Sunday 15-May-2011 13:17, 7 comments.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Music from the game Little Nemo: The Dream Master, composed by Junko Tamiya in 1990, performed on the Chipophone. Read more.

Posted Sunday 12-Dec-2010 09:44, 1 comment.

Mega Man 3 Intro

The opening theme from Mega Man 3 (original japanese title: Rockman 3). For this tune, I implemented a new feature that allows me to record a loop into memory, and start the playback using a pedal at a later time. Read more.

Posted Sunday 13-Feb-2011 20:40, 3 comments.

Metroid, part 1

Metroid, intro and ending tunes, composed by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka in 1986. Read more.

Posted Monday 28-Feb-2011 18:12, 3 comments.

Metroid, part 2

Metroid, in-game music, composed by Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka in 1986. Read more.

Posted Sunday 13-Mar-2011 21:26, 3 comments.


Sorry, I just had to do this. =) Read more.

Posted Tuesday 8-Mar-2011 18:34, 6 comments.

Mike the Grasshopper

This was my contribution to the chip music compo at Hype 1999. It ended up on a shared 3rd place. Read more.

Posted Sunday 30-Jul-2006 12:02, 0 comments.

Monty High Score

The high score theme from Monty On the Run, composed by Rob Hubbard in 1985. Arranged for left hand and pedals. Read more.

Posted Sunday 8-May-2011 21:44, 3 comments.


This SID tune was composed for (and partly at) Breakpoint 2008. Read more.

  • Nymphaea (C64 executable file, 4630 bytes)

Posted Tuesday 25-Mar-2008 18:26, 2 comments.

One man and his piano

This is my cover of Rob Hubbard's One Man And His Droid. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 10 comments.


A "bastard pop" track consists of two different pieces of music, by two competing or quarreling artists, played back at the same time. Read more.

Posted Sunday 24-Dec-2006 13:10, 5 comments.

Parallax for piano

Martin Galway's Parallax, by me, live, on a real piano, without any edits or overdubs. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 4 comments.


Parallelogram is a demo running on the Commodore One extender board, which contains an Altera Cyclone III FPGA and an SDRAM chip. The logic design was made from scratch, including a homebrew CPU, FM synth and blitter with pixel shader support. The demo won the wild compo at Revision 2012. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 11-Apr-2012 22:03, 23 comments.


Phasor, like Craft, is a demo running on a custom minimalistic ATmega88-based demo platform. But it generates a composite video signal (PAL) instead of a VGA signal. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 7-Apr-2010 13:58, 39 comments.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

This is my Chipophone interpretation of the Credits music from the Pokémon Trading Card Game video game. The music was composed by Ichiro Shimakura in 1998. Read more.

Posted Monday 20-Sep-2010 20:11, 4 comments.

Power Ninja Action Challenge

Here's another ATmega88-based hardware chiptune, this time composed for Little Computer People 2009. It was my contribution to the "other music" compo, and won the 1st place. Read more.

Posted Sunday 19-Jul-2009 17:47, 13 comments.


It struck me that, at least in theory, organ pipes should generate quite primitive sound waves. If so, how come a church organ doesn't sound like a chip tune, which is also built up from simple waveforms? Well, actually it will, if you remove the church. And if you connect a Commodore 64 home computer to a loudspeaker in a large hall, it will sound like an organ. Read more.

Posted Saturday 10-May-2008 07:27, 22 comments.

Romance from Chopin's 1st Piano Concerto

Featuring one SID chip and one piano. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 3 comments.

Safe VSP

I contributed this one-filer to the C64 Demo compo at Datastorm 2013. It ended up on 7th place, which I consider quite good for a technical proof of concept. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 20-Mar-2013 22:23, 3 comments.

Scene Spirit

This was my contribution to the music compo at X 2014. It ended up on 10th place. Enjoy! Read more.

Posted Monday 15-Dec-2014 10:36, 3 comments.

Shards of Fancy

Shards of Fancy is a C64 demo released in the Oldskool Demo competition at Revision 2013, where it ended up on 6th place. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 2-Apr-2013 16:01, 1 comment.


This SID tune was composed for Breakpoint 2009. It ended up 7th in the Oldschool Executable Music compo, which isn't too bad considering its original approach. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 5-May-2009 05:35, 0 comments.

Specular Highlight

I composed this SID tune for the Executable Music Oldskool compo at Revision 2014, where it ended up on 5th place. Read more.

Posted Tuesday 13-May-2014 22:46, 4 comments.


Spellbound, composed by Rob Hubbard in 1986, performed on the Chipophone. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 21-Jul-2010 21:42, 26 comments.

Still Alive

A chipophone cover of Still Alive, Jonathan Coulton's song which plays at the end of Portal, featuring the lovely Gabriella as GlaDOS. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 20-Apr-2011 22:00, 3 comments.

Summer cloud

This is my first regular SID tune. It was written for Backslash 2007, where it ended up on 4th place. Read more.

Posted Saturday 14-Jul-2007 11:19, 2 comments.

Supremacy / Overlord

Music from the c64 version of Supremacy: Your Will Be Done (known as Overlord in USA), composed by Jeroen Tel in 1990. Read more.

Posted Sunday 20-Mar-2011 20:22, 3 comments.

The hardware chiptune project

Normally, when you create a chiptune, you start with an existing chip (such as the SID chip or the YM2149) and write a tune for it. We decided to start from scratch, and create a chip and a tune. Read more.

Posted Saturday 30-Jun-2007 11:04, 76 comments.

The SID septet

The "Vad faller..." ("What woodland...") movement of Lars-Erik Larssons Förklädd Gud (God In Disguise), arranged for a SID septet. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 4 comments.

The Swan

In an attempt to squeeze as much emotion as possible into a tiny chip, I managed to fit Camille Saint-Saëns' The Swan into 480 (out of 1024) bytes of ROM on an ATtiny15. The microcontroller runs at 1.6 MHz and provides 32 bytes of RAM (actually registers). Read more.

Posted Monday 26-Apr-2010 16:12, 9 comments.

Thing On A Spring

One of Rob Hubbard's earliest tunes. The slide effects are triggered by pedals; other pedals are mapped to drum sounds. I goofed up considerably at the end, but decided to upload anyway. Hope you don't mind too much. Read more.

Posted Sunday 6-Feb-2011 20:40, 3 comments.

Think Twice III

The C64 demo Think Twice III, released by The Judges in 1987, is perhaps best known for its soundtrack by Jeroen Kimmel (Red). This is my Chipophone interpretation of the classic SID power ballad. Read more.

Posted Sunday 12-Sep-2010 18:41, 7 comments.


Tralleman-låten gjordes inför nollningen 2003, när vi ännu låtsades att vi skulle ha hip-hop-tema. Texten består huvudsakligen av nödrim som staplats på varandra. Läs mer.

Postad för länge sedan, 0 kommentarer.

Triple fugue #1

When Frédéric Chopin wrote his rather melancholic prelude in C minor, he did not know that years later, a computer game called Ghosts And Goblins would carry the chord progression of the first few bars of that very prelude into the hearts and minds of a whole new generation. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 3 comments.


Turbulence is the successor of craft. It's a microcontroller demo based on the Propeller chip from Parallax. External I/O consists of stereo sound (at line level) and a VGA signal. Read more.

Posted Monday 13-Apr-2009 13:09, 19 comments.