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Title theme for the C64 game Delta, composed by Rob Hubbard in 1987, performed live on the Chipophone. The piece was heavily inspired by the final movement of the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack which was composed by Philip Glass in 1982.

The loop is recorded and the tempo is increased. Then, the pedals are used to transpose the loop throughout the tune.

Posted Wednesday 25-Aug-2010 18:23

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Thu 26-Aug-2010 14:11
The chipophone rocks!

Fri 27-Aug-2010 09:17
The chipophone rocks!
A lot!!
Sun 12-Sep-2010 20:25
love it!
Sun 19-Sep-2010 02:51
Awesome work keep it up
Fri 15-Oct-2010 18:17
Absolutely superb.
Sun 17-Oct-2010 00:45
i am most impressed by his clean and hole-less socks!