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Nov 2008


Tue 4-Nov-2008 15:10
Deb-package exist for Ubuntu as console-freecell


One man and his piano

Wed 5-Nov-2008 19:40
This is awesome. This tune is not meant to be played by human hands.

The hardware chiptune project

Fri 7-Nov-2008 01:51
You could have probably used a much more powerful chip, like the atmega324p or the atmega644p.


Fri 7-Nov-2008 03:47
I bow down in awe and wonder. This is just amazing...

I saw this on http://www.demoscene.tv
It reminded me so much of my commodore c=64 pure genius!!!!!

Add me on http://www.myspace.com/stuckinfremont510 is my personal site, I've allways loved the demoscene, I've been a fan since I was six years old, all of the demoscene coders are Brilliant Minds that creative abilities and talents cannot be measured for you do this out of the love of the hobby in itself, which no engineer out of profession could compare.

The hardware chiptune project

Wed 19-Nov-2008 16:37
Nice work. Why you don't use one PWM output with one resistor and one capacitor instead of all that parts for D/A??

A case against syntax highlighting

Thu 20-Nov-2008 06:20
My thoughts are some of the arguments are weak, and syntax highlighting is definitely something that's far more personal preference than anything else.

However, I'd add that "syntax" highlighting alone really isn't all that helpful in understanding a piece of code. +Maybe+ for entering code, but not much else.

On the other hand, +semantic+ highlighting would be in many cases, quite useful, but I've yet to see any editor support it.

For instance, how helpful would it be to see, just from color, that a symbol is not just a variable, but it's a globally scoped var, or a local var?

Or that a member of a class was shared, public, private, or whatever.

Personally, I'd find that type of highlighting far more informative.
Angelo Bertolli
Fri 21-Nov-2008 01:49
Syntax highlighting is really a feedback mechanism that lets the programmer quickly know when he's made an error in what he thinks he's telling the parser: it's biggest benefit is in letting you know exactly where your tokens begin and end according to what you've typed. It's more than just aesthetics.


Tue 25-Nov-2008 21:21
AWESOME!!!! You're the god of microcontrollers.
i've just finished to make a little game for 2 players for the Atmel ATtiny13 connected to a TV (BAS signal generation) so i can imagine what you've programed.
Craft is really fantastic.

The TTY demystified

Wed 26-Nov-2008 07:13
I have been trying to chew through documents in every unix book possible to explain how the TTY system really works. Your article has been more informative than all of these books. Without a programmers knowledge of how a unix kernel works, it's quite difficult for a System Administrator to understand concepts that are so crucial to their jobs. Thank you for your writing such a great article. Your help is truly appreciated.