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Aug 2018

Pipe Logic

Wed 1-Aug-2018 18:55
This is simultaneously one of the most beautifully elegant and one of the most perverse bits of engineering I've ever seen. Bravo.


Sun 5-Aug-2018 14:42

Getting string input (TI-83 assembly programming)

Tue 14-Aug-2018 19:12
could you teach me swedish

GCR decoding on the fly

Wed 15-Aug-2018 14:39
Hi Linus and everybody,

thanks to this work, i've been inspired to come up with the next step.
Full on-the-fly GCR block read+decode+checksumming on a stock 1541:

I'd like to write a follow-up guest article about it at some point. :)



Pushing Onwards: Return of the Chipophone

Tue 21-Aug-2018 15:36
You are awesome ! I would love to hear Megaman II : Wily's stage 1


Wed 22-Aug-2018 16:17
Regarding the "Now we all await a C64 REU version of ScummVM" comment , well maybe not for c64 but how abowt the also 6502 powered BBC Master ,

BeebSCUMM ->

The Chipophone

Fri 24-Aug-2018 00:22
Hi there,
this is a great HardwareMod and you documented all your steps!
It has nice sounds an features =)
This music style will never die!
You can play chiptunes very well!

Heared/Looked at this video many times.
I'll build this sometimes too, if i find some time. The knowledge exists already in my head and skill =)

Many Greetings from Germany, Luebeck