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May 2011

The Chipophone

Tue 3-May-2011 02:46

lft wrote:

Primis wrote:

The effect on a standard organ known as a Leslie created by a spinning motor creates a Doppler effect, the effect can be heard in acid rock songs such as the Pink Floyd song "On the Run". does your organ have one of these?

No, there was no Leslie speaker in it. Everything was solid state except the reverb.

Primis wrote:

on a second note, would you ever be willing to release the schematics/Rom of that midi board? I'm thinking of making a chipophone myself.

I'll think about it. The code might need a little cleaning up first. =)

My father has built pipe organs for 30 years now and has also lectured on solid state electronics at the university for 25 years. I found a free electric organ in my neighborhood and we are seriously considering taking on a project like this. Would you release the schematics/Rom of that midi board?

Elements of Chip Music

Tue 3-May-2011 09:55
Great talk, interesting aspects.

Cheers, Markus

International Karate

Wed 4-May-2011 13:24
That was a great performance... Kudos!


Elements of Chip Music

Thu 5-May-2011 06:24
One of the most interesting talks I've ever heard.


Sun 8-May-2011 16:48
Nice!! But it didnt work in my homemade Interpreter :/ I had to download another one.

Monty High Score

Brad Hall
Mon 9-May-2011 04:47
Thanks for all the videos Linus, your hard work is well enjoyed by everyone.

Again though, I'm going to shamelessly bug you for the code. Please release it ;_;

Elements of Chip Music

Tue 10-May-2011 22:08
Great presentation!

Beagleboard VGA output

Wed 11-May-2011 19:17
Linus, so why did you go with 1volt peek-to-peek?
Some monitors provide support for 1V peak-to-peak signals,
but they are not standardized.
So why not 0.7v in your calculations?

Option: Using two 2R's in parallel to make the R's
And a there are less R's than 2R's,
so less waste than putting two R's in series to make 2R

Monty High Score

Sat 14-May-2011 16:52
How about nice demo-style-text-scroller in this video? ;-)

Elements of Chip Music

Sat 14-May-2011 18:16
Thanks Linus - a really interesting talk.

Your comments about the "famichord" made me wonder: to what extent are chip tunes is influenced by Japanese music? That chord (minor[no 5]m7) is quite reminiscent of the pentatonic minyo scale, and I couldn't help noticing that all the composers on the famichord demo are Japanese.

An interesting experiment if you have a piano synth is to set the number of channels low (mine does 2 and 4, but not 3) and see how this influences your playing style. Its surprising how much you can do with few voices, and how the ear seems to "retain" notes that only sound momentarily.


Binary Art

Tue 17-May-2011 10:43
"Simplicity" (#129) is one that I found interesting:



Metroid, part 2

Tue 17-May-2011 18:53
Så bra! Du ska vara så himla nöjd med dig själv! Bra skapat! :-)

Vim code

Tue 17-May-2011 21:24
Unbelievable! Congrats for such a genius insight!


About me

Wed 18-May-2011 06:24
What exactly make his description pretentious? That he seem to be interested and enjoy many different things from an array of different fields? Or that he's better than you at most of those stuff?:P

International Karate

Sat 21-May-2011 02:01
a millions memories in the first few notes, many many thanks and keep the tunes and Vids uploading :-)


Mon 23-May-2011 10:34
Kick ass!

The Symbolic Links Virtual Machine

Tue 24-May-2011 15:14
oh my. this page needed a comment.

Making the Chipophone

Thu 26-May-2011 18:31
I believe the reason for having 12 oscillators was that there was a school of
thought in the 70's (I'm old enough to remember :] ) that it sounded better if the adjacent notes where "free phase" - i.e. not locked in sync with each other. Dividing down the semi-tones from a single oscillator was perceived to produce a "flatter", less complex sound.
Of course, the hard-core elite insisted that meant that you should have a separate oscillator for each key on the keyboard. However, for most purposes one for each note and dividers for the octaves was sufficient and saved a lot of time tuning.

Ian K Rolfe

Beagleboard VGA output

Tue 31-May-2011 17:49
Or one could try to use a FMS-3818 tripple dac