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A Prehistoric Tale
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Binary Art

Welcome to the realms of BA (Binary Art). On this page, I'd like to
share my latest minimalistic creations with you. Seven masterpieces,
all consisting of merely eight bits each, are hereby unveiled to the

	11110000          Truth

		   The symmetry of opposites, of life and death, of
		   Yin and Yang, so delicately wrapped in a fragile
		   veil of simplicity. The feelings kindled by this
		   masterpiece cannot be given justice with mere
		   words, but awe, astonishment, insight and
		   elucidation are expressions seemingly minted for
		   the sole purpose of fitting this piece of art. A
		   glimpse of perfection.

	10101010          Disillusion

		   And so the illusion shatters. With this piece of
		   art, a cold stone is being pushed right into the
		   centre of the beholder's heart. The obtrusive
		   feeling of what can only be described as
		   out-of-this-world sorrow, brought forth by the
		   inconceivable tension between 'Truth' and
		   'Disillusion', is mind-numbing.

	00100000          Abandoned Blue

		   Though not as striking as the two preceeding
		   masterpieces, this creation certainly deserves
		   attention. Is this a sole bit, or is it seven bits
		   in company? Do the bits depict people, and if so,
		   aren't the seven bits the abandoned ones? Trivial
		   as it may seem at a first glance, this piece of art
		   holds far too many profound implications to be
		   neglected. Or abandoned, for that matter.

	11111111          Void

		   Indefinable, delicate humour with a sting of
		   seriousness are, think I, the words that best
		   describe this fine flower in the meadow of binary
		   art. Every bit being equal, this tabula rasa could
		   be seen as a rather quiet, taciturn entity. But, as
		   the artist so appropriately provokes us to think
		   with a name such as 'Void', if a row of ones is as
		   empty as a row of zeroes, then what is the
		   definition of content? And for what purpose?

	00010111          Love

		   The beauty of this piece is striking. The perfect
		   symmetry, bordering on the pureness of the earlier
		   masterpiece 'Truth', mediates utter mutual
		   affection; but, considering the counterforce of
		   'Disillusion', can such love be anything other than
		   fictional utopia? The observer is left uncertain,
		   in contemplation.

	10000001          Simplicity

		   A rather naïve creation, this piece of art doesn't
		   seem nearly as energetic or animate as the previous
		   ones. At a first glance, that is. For the
		   capriciousness of the work is indeed very vivid,
		   and if just given enough time, the spirit of it
		   suddenly explodes into an emotional vivace,
		   superficial, cursory, yet at the same time

	11111001          Untitled #249

		   Emanated by this piece is a futuristic playfulness
		   seldom seen within the domains of binary art. So
		   many semi-structures, would-be orders and instances
		   of teasing near-systematicness cowork to give its
		   character a rather tangible attitude of rebellion.
		   We are urged to change just one bit in order to
		   make it all a bit more symmetrical and pleasing to
		   the eye; but in doing so, we would strengthen one
		   order while destroying another. In this sense, the
		   artist has captured, in eight bits, the very gist
		   of what life is all about: compromising.

The artist can be reached at lft@df.lth.se. Please note that the
material found on this page is copyright (c) Linus Akesson, and that
permission is hereby granted for anyone to _freely_ redistribute any
or all of the content. Low prices to cover expenses for media and
shipping are allowed. Please contact me if in doubt.

However, it has recently come to my knowledge that the commercially
available program Microsoft Excel 97 (TM) contains no less than 35023
illegal reproductions of 'Truth', 2032 reproductions of 'Disillusion'
(romantic bastards!), 17600 copies of Abandoned Blue, 439011 copies of
Void, 5475 copies of Love, 18487 copies of Simplicity and 10586 copies
of Untitled #249. Since I'm a poor artist, no legal steps will be

(Do you believe that?)

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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Mon 8-Sep-2008 11:20
Clever :)

Someone should print this and show it to the Microsoft lawyers, just to see their faces after they've first laughed at it and then given that laugh a second's thought.
luca c
Thu 11-Dec-2008 18:07
You are a Genius!! I admire you and your works.

From the Sicily (Italy)
Wed 14-Oct-2009 14:27
As i was inspired to contemplate binary forms and think outside the box, i came up with these:

½½½½½½½½ - uncertainty
111100§0 - something protruded from a completely different universe (btw, "they" are as astonished as we are by the sudden appearance of a "0")
00101111 - as random as it gets
00101010 - the absolute answer to the absolute question

yeah, i know, a bit on the funny side :)

Thu 4-Mar-2010 11:03
024 - 00011000 - War

Again a sad artwork. The artist touched a serious subject after the light playfulness of his last two works "Simplicity" and "Untitled #249" not fearing to show us it's deep darkness.
War. What a terrific word which expresses not only the awfulness of it's meaning but also the terrible consequences of it.
The structure of this masterpiece is really straightforward: the 1s are the men lining up face to face on the front line and the 0s are the women waiting for their men in the heartland. The high number of 0s immediately drags the attention of the viewer and points to the biggest horror of the war: we almost hear the screams and cries of the poor women who lost their husbands, fathers and sons, we almost feel the pain of the hard work done by these ladies in a society with too few men and we almost see as a film the empty and meaningless life of the girls aging and dying alone.
It worth to note that this artwork (24 in decimal) is right next to the other masterpiece : "Love" (23 in decimal). This reflects to the well known expression : "Make love not war" raising the artistic value of this work to new heights. Now not only the art and it's title can be in a menaningful connection (like we saw in "Void") but two separate work can be connected and express something new.
With this masterpiece the artist's genius stepped into a new area of art. Personally I'm really waiting for his next work.

By : Etalon :)
Linus Åkesson
Thu 18-Mar-2010 20:17
024 - 00011000 - War
By : Etalon :)

Very nice!
Thu 22-Jul-2010 13:48
024 - 00011000 - War

It worth to note that this artwork (24 in decimal) is right next to the other masterpiece : "Love" (23 in decimal).

Love is war.

http://www.google.co.uk/search?q="love is war"&btnI=I
Sun 25-Jul-2010 10:25
42 - 101010 - The answer...
Tue 27-Jul-2010 15:41

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
printf("hello, World (World is Copyright (c) God t=0");
return 0;

Tue 28-Sep-2010 19:24
01101001 Sex

The two parts are complements, for a true Zen.

-- v
Yolande Rodrigues
Wed 29-Sep-2010 00:07
I can bet that if you find a *shrewd American lawyer that will charge nothing ahead you will have a case, maybe this sort of thing does not happen in Sweden but here in America (USA) it happens all the time, lawyers are hungry and vicious...

PS: No need to get rich but no need to be poor if it can be helped. What they did is despicable. Just a comment.
Tue 17-May-2011 10:43
"Simplicity" (#129) is one that I found interesting:


Mon 18-Jun-2012 13:57
a|0>+b|1> - My position i cannot decide, therefore I will take all forms within my range. ~ A lonely Quantum bit
Sat 2-Mar-2013 09:16
101101 - FEAR

"Facing the worst thing you can imagine"

greetings, Rosk
by the way - your page is really hot shit!
Sat 14-Mar-2015 00:07
Ha! I love it.
Fri 24-Jul-2015 03:57
Deeply moving stuff. I'm glad glad that you suffer for your art, such that I don't have to.
Sun 24-Dec-2023 16:28
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