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Feb 2011

The Chipophone

Thu 3-Feb-2011 11:44
Thanks. Please make this open source, it has great potential.
I agree - and if you don't as some kind of consellation can you cover Commando please! <3

Thing On A Spring

Mon 7-Feb-2011 10:02
It's a Goofy song :) A bit of goofing up at the end seems right :)


The TTY demystified

Wed 9-Feb-2011 17:56
Hi, this seems to be an excellent technical article, however is there any chance you can provide a broad description of TTY for a non technical audience. e.g. explain in simple language the origin, function and implications of TTY.
You may not consider this your remit, which is fair enough.

The hardware chiptune project

Wed 9-Feb-2011 18:47
Could you post links to some resources you used to learn how to synthesize the channels?

Mega Man 3 Intro

Mon 14-Feb-2011 09:42
Excellent as always! If you take requests I would ask for The Silver Surfer background music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGNSHNf-nlU


Vim code

Mon 14-Feb-2011 20:24
Hanoi works, but mandelbrot just keeps writing strange stuff to my console.
Tue 15-Feb-2011 19:19
That's purely insane O_o
If only there was an iovvv (think of ioccc), maybe it's time to setup the chalenge.

I didn't realise at first it was drawing the set but it was on my 170MHz dear host. switching to a 3GHz pc helps rendering it faster :p

congrats anyway

The TTY demystified

Wed 16-Feb-2011 07:57
Great Job, learned much

The remote control project

Thu 17-Feb-2011 17:48
wierd, how the two red leds could be illuminated the way they are plugged into the breadboad on the second image? Is it some magic?

Linus Åkesson
Fri 18-Feb-2011 08:10
wierd, how the two red leds could be illuminated the way they are plugged into the breadboad on the second image? Is it some magic?


I think they're connected vcc -> resistor -> led -> led -> resistor -> gnd. That way, if you plug one end of a lead between the leds, it becomes a logic probe. The usability of which would increase vastly with differently coloured leds.

The Chipophone

Fri 18-Feb-2011 12:55
Linus oh Linus
You are so Clean-us

International Karate

Mon 21-Feb-2011 09:39
Amazing arpeggio at 07:00. Hats off!


Tue 22-Feb-2011 15:09
Dude, you are awesome, I'm really amazed! Keep on creating amazing stuff like this!!

The TTY demystified

Wed 23-Feb-2011 20:35
Very good document, thanks!


Thu 24-Feb-2011 15:39
Hey Linus, congratulations on a beautiful hack and an amazing demo. I loved it so much I made a font in tribute, http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/353703

Keep up the awesome work! (and please don't sue me ^.^)

The TTY demystified

Fri 25-Feb-2011 22:10
great article. I have known the term 'TTY' for a long time and never knew what the history behind it. Seeing how even current day UNIX system still make use of TTY is quite interesting to me. Now I feel more 'connected' when I press a key on my keyboard and seeing a character appear on the monitor screen. A good read.

Metroid, part 1

Mon 28-Feb-2011 22:26