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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Jun 2014

Making the Chipophone

Mon 9-Jun-2014 07:46
Just awesome!

The bitbuf

Wed 11-Jun-2014 00:52
Patch memory might be a fun addition, storing the current loops etc. to an SD card to be recalled later. Also, would multi-channel MIDI be possible? IE one channel for lead, one for chords etc.

A case against syntax highlighting

Thu 12-Jun-2014 18:49
You must be an academic and not a practical programmer.
Typography doesn't mean shit in this case. Typography wasn't meant for this level of abstraction.

Using your logic, one could also argue that mathematics should only be written in certain font-types. Otherwise it just wouldnt be that good, or something. Or that the matematichian couldn't understand his work, because the font is different.
For example Coda2 on MACs doen't highlight the end tag(or bracket), if you have focus on the start tag(or bracket). Notepad++ on Windows does this. Try doing HTML/error validation without that feature. You'll be wasting your time together with the clients money. Simple as that.
Some people can build a program in 20 hours, and other can do it in 1 hour. You're the 20 hour guy. Nobody is gonna pay for that shit... It's hobby-level, not pro.
In the real world, you're not gonna get to play an academic, and use hours upon hours on a project, writing reports and analyze every bit. Not gonna happen in the private market. That's incidentally why 50% of academics work for the government... Just not practical enough for a private business, where the real work gets done.
Your conclusion is wrong. Syntax highlighting does the exact same thing you says it doesn't do. It makes you focus on the important stuff... Getting payed by a happy customer.

No customer is happy paying some freak to spend 5 times the hours, than others.
This entire article is bullshit.
Stop going to school and do some goddamn work instead! Nobody is gonna pay you for this shit.
Thu 12-Jun-2014 19:07
Using the argument that "syntax highlighting confuses you", makes me absolutely certain,that your brain works one or several levels below other programmers, who don't get confused by colors on the screen.
Get a job, and stop waisting all your evenings perfecting syntax.

I work as a programmer, and what I read in this article, defies absolutely everything i know about being fast. It's like argumenting against autocomplete functionality, because it might encourage youth not to learn language or grammar.
You should be a politician and not a programmer.

I used to work as a carpenter... Same thing there. Customers don't care about how well you know how carve wood, or if you can do sculptures...They care about what you build, how fast, and what it will cost them.
Your arguments violate all of this. You sound you cost a lot, just by thinking about obvious stuff.
Thu 12-Jun-2014 19:13
It's like arguing that all text should be handwritten, or we wouldn't understand how characters work...
This article gets my piss boyiling, because it's just so wrong, in every practical level.


Wed 18-Jun-2014 08:02
I thought this one was tough, but it might just be that my mind is tired right now...
I got stuck in one way of thinking and didn't see all the possibilities.
Sat 21-Jun-2014 02:23
Okay, I'm stuck on this one.
Can anyone else solve it?
Sat 21-Jun-2014 07:47
Here's a good one:

Specular Highlight

Sat 28-Jun-2014 02:36
So much variety. I could listen to the tune for hours!