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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Jan 2023

The TTY demystified

Wed 4-Jan-2023 08:26
Thanks for the explanation, this can become a book because it's so needed!

The Commodordion

Sun 8-Jan-2023 19:17
Hello Linus,

Great Job! It is amazing sound project for C64. Are you also going to release the custom application for playing chords and loops?

Martin P.


Wed 11-Jan-2023 14:54
Thank you very much
Are the low and high voices being playing by the violin while the middle voice is beeing playing by the piano?

The Commodordion

Sat 14-Jan-2023 19:34
We want more live music released on YouTube. Otroligt coolt projekt!


Thu 26-Jan-2023 18:59
Can you please offer an executable for Windows? I haven't any idea how to compile anything on Windows. Or Linux.

Someone? Anyone? :) +1

A case against syntax highlighting

Fri 27-Jan-2023 02:04
I have switched to no syntax highlight to try and avoid overstimulation and distractions in 2013. I thought I'll try it for a week and then come back.

I didn't yet. I don't quite know why, but I think it's simply being less stimulated with repetitive stuff with limited semantic value.

I'm setting strings and other literals to pop in a monochrome theme, boring stuff to be just a little dimmer, but not too contrasty, and it works really well.

I have a repo with several configs for VSCode right here: https://github.com/cognivore/minimal-theme-vscode/tree/hackerman

I hope it'll be useful for some people :)

The Paulimba

Massimo C.
Fri 27-Jan-2023 11:44
As I commented on Youtube, it's astounding how after so many years new techniques and improvements can still be cooked up for the Amiga, but since it's you it could be nothing lesss than that.
After reading the description with more technical details, a couple of ideas surfaced.
1) It would be also fun to be able to play several different timbres together. As maybe you are already using too much memory for loops, an option worth considering is the use of e.g. a Pistorm card with several hundred MB of fast RAM that can be moved on demand to Chip RAM. This may probably not be acceptable for a live instrument, which is your goal there, but it could be an effective way for tracker-style music playing. Of course, managing the Chip Ram buffer as cache knowing in advance what samples will ben needed requires smart prefetch caching algorithms. Besides, using a modern day accelerator is a form of cheating the HW, and old ones are rarities.
2) What about setting the video in DBLSCAN modes? It would allow for a double maximum sample frequency. E.g., minimum period would be 64, and sample frequency would be 55.42KHz, same as the volume resampling. In conjunction with your "envelope shaping" this would allow for nearly Hi-Fi sound on stock Amiga Hardware...
Fri 27-Jan-2023 16:56
Amazing quality! Would it be feasible to make this program accept MIDI commands? I'd be curious to see an orchestra of Amigas working together at this quality level.
Massimo C.
Fri 27-Jan-2023 18:10
Thinking about the idea of using DBLSCAN modes, but from a different viewpoint: we'd have 2X larger samples, but it would be possible to share the sample loops over two consecutive octaves by choosing either 27.2 or 55.4 Khz sampling frequency and halving the envelope update frequency. Thus it may not require significantly more memory to extend the instrument range by one octave.
Sun 29-Jan-2023 15:51
Interesting to listen and straight forward presentation, as always. The only sad thing is that you changed the plattform to Amiga ;) NO that's not a problem, but I'm quite jealous as a C64 addictive. Damn. Anyway. INC$D418!