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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Aug 2017


Thu 10-Aug-2017 17:41
hey, im a C64 Fan/User since back in the days 1987. Always loved demos and rob hubbard´s music more than gaming. I always wanted to make my own music on the C64 but never could work out how DMC and co worked. I hope i get this one running a few sids of mine sooner or later. I def. like the design and love crows. Rar Rar rar ;) the sound from my trees outside ;) Got the feeling you like them too ;) so also your music is quite jazzy and complex so i guess youve packed that "all YOU (LFT) need" to do your stuff into blackbird. I wonder why there is no comment or vote yet on CSDB.dk but i hope there will be soon. I really hope to find some time to work it out. Anyway.. Thanks for all your efford on that PRG man.. Take care


Sun 13-Aug-2017 15:08
I bring grave news from the future... MS-DOS IS DEPRECATED!!!


Mon 14-Aug-2017 08:43
I've seen craft for the first time. With mouth open I thougth: unbelievable !



Wed 16-Aug-2017 01:20
11 år minus en vecka senare läser jag din haiku efter att ha läst din artikel om Zeugma (jag älskar zeugman) efter att ha hittat din sida efter att ha googlat ditt namn efter att ha snubblat på en ensam (i egenskap av chiptune) mp3:a av din Parallax For Piano i ett mp3-arkiv på en usbdisk orörd sedan 2008.
Du skriver fö utsökt. Fölk borde mäta WQ (writing quotient) istället för IQ. Det vore väldigt mycket mer användbart.

Reliable synchronisation of cog PLLs

Wed 16-Aug-2017 20:34
Hello Linus!

Outstanding post. Really exposes a lot of esoteric under-the-hood behavior to us, especially with the issue of bits not all changing before being grabbed.

I'm in the process of developing a VGA driver a la NES-style graphics backend on the Propeller, and this is an outstanding start to a multi-cog video system.

Hopefully I can pick your brain down the road on some mundane aspects of the driver, if I can't find answers elsewhere.


Making the Chipophone

Fri 18-Aug-2017 22:45
¿What tools and objects do I need besides 8-bit microprocessors and the organ?


Sun 27-Aug-2017 13:43
I just found this website. 2009! Wow, it's still impressive that this was not cross compiled.


A case against syntax highlighting

Thu 31-Aug-2017 13:20
(I apologize: English is not my native language, so this comment might be riddled with horrible and mindboggling mistakes. But I'll try my best to keep their numbers as low as it's possible.)

Thank you for your article. It spawned few discussion threads in comments that I found wastly interesting. Those made me richer - in new ideas, at least (which is not a small thing, I recon).

As I see this theme now: highlighting is enhancement, which when used inappropriately, can dull your professional skills with certain languages or systems.

But enhancement nonetheless.

So, as every pseudo-intelligence helper (like shell filter, or visual element in GUI... etc) it can either helpful or unhelpful - depending on 2 factors:
1. how overly smart it tries to behave
2. task you have to solve.

Personally I have chunks of HTML code in front of my eyes from server response I'm debugging. Those would be horribly unreadable if read without highlighting. I mean, at all. For me at least. Long tags with lots of properties like classes or data-... attributes over 200chars per line, CRLN-ed mid-tag, with broken indent and I have to understand what is going on inside, what's where and really don't have a chance without highlighting. Or it would be too bothersome.

In more C-like languages, I like a more minimalist take on highlighting: 3 highlighting colors of '1.comments', '2.strings', '3.everythingElse'. In some cases language constructs would be interesting to take into 4th group but that varies from language to language, from program to program.

I really like bright-red highlighting of '#TODO' in code. It is not required, but it brings a nice touch to my workflow (my memory is that of a goldfish).

When writing server-side code for pages - processing HTML-forms input, organizing sanitation of input and database queries, I would be thankful to have visible representation of invisible characters. Actually, I would like to see those in any place of a code. Also in a mix of English and Cyrillic character I'd like to discern English 'a' and 'а' - if left unchecked those could break sanity checks or functions/variables names.

But at the same time I clearly see that it is beneficial for me to have a skill to work with system having only vi + terminal to write rc-files. (I need a working Unix-like workstation - MS Windows weird water pipes are not good enough for my needs)

I assume that articles that you outlined in your article could be interesting for me, in a case if I would be developing C programs. Which as of now, I am not. So, perhaps it depends on programming language?