This is a console (ncurses) version of the popular and addictive solitaire game Freecell.

It has been tested on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and OpenBSD.


You can read more about freecell at wikipedia.

Posted Wednesday 26-Sep-2007 18:39

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Tue 4-Nov-2008 16:10
Deb-package exist for Ubuntu as console-freecell
Thu 4-Mar-2010 22:30
I recently had a computer crash and lost my freecell pro 6 score card showing 15,700 games won and no losses. Can someone help me recover the numbers or possible some one has a score card with similure numbers that could make arraingments to get me a copy I cold download???
Thu 14-Jul-2011 05:15
Success building on Solaris 10 (x86). I have a broken version of ncurses, and had to build with curses instead. To do so I went into the source folder and used:

cc -O -fast -m64 -xarch=sse2a -xvector=simd -lcurses -m64 -o freecell freecell.o gameno.o

It's the line ./configure tried to use, but with -lcurses added.
Wed 15-Feb-2017 13:04
I've just compiled this and got it working unmodified on MacOS 10.12.3. It also works on Raspbian, which is where I usually play.

Thanks for the post!
Thu 28-Feb-2019 09:50
Cool game, bro! Pls make more ASCII tty games.
Fri 1-Mar-2019 08:20
Thanks for this. I found my old fork of this, and just put it on my github -