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llbit and I made a game. It started out as a weekend project, but we threw in a couple of more days of work to brush it up for the Game compo at Revision 2013, where it placed 2nd.

Gravazoid screenshot

In brief, it's a first-person arkanoid in curved spacetime. Try it out! It's actually quite enjoyable.

Notice, by the way, that the law of conservation of energy holds. Every time a block vanishes, the energy that used to be its mass is added to the speed of the ball. This is also illustrated by shifting the hue of the ball from red towards blue.

Gravazoid has a pouët page and a GitHub repository, and there's a youtube video of me playing the game live during the compo.


  • gravazoid (Linux i386 and Windows binaries, 393.2 kB)

Posted Monday 6-May-2013 21:17

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Martin Schulte
Tue 7-May-2013 13:54
Great! Do you consider releasing the soundtrack?
Mon 13-May-2013 01:52
The soundtrack is released, in that it's part of the (released) source code (see sfx.c).
A pre-rendered MP3 would indeed be nice, I you meant that. --jn
Mon 13-May-2013 12:25
The soundtrack is released, in that it's part of the (released) source code (see sfx.c).
A pre-rendered MP3 would indeed be nice, I you meant that. --jn

Yes, that's what I meant. :)
Sun 14-Jul-2013 19:58
Very nice and tiny game! Great!
The only question - how to run it in window (linux version)?
Mon 15-Jul-2013 19:53
To run in window (not fullscreen) run with -window command line option.
Wed 23-Jul-2014 22:17
As one of the non-coder types I'd like a rendered MP3 of this great tune too.
Sat 14-Jan-2017 13:17
i just ported this nice game to OpenPandora Handheld.
See here http://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=gravazoid

Thanks for the game and the sources.

Sat 11-May-2024 09:05
Good morning,
I really like the sfx.c part and I integrated it into a program, I like the idea of embedding the melody, rather than having to access external files (mid, wav, etc. ), for practical reasons, and for the possibility of playing the desired part.
But the coding of the melody (the song[] data) is difficult to understand, and above all, I would like to use my own melodies. Can you explain to me the format used for the data?
Thanks in advance.