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Mega Man 3 Intro

The opening theme from Mega Man 3 (original japanese title: Rockman 3). For this tune, I implemented a new feature that allows me to record a loop into memory, and start the playback using a pedal at a later time.

Posted Sunday 13-Feb-2011 20:40

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Mon 14-Feb-2011 09:42
Excellent as always! If you take requests I would ask for The Silver Surfer background music:

Fri 6-Jan-2012 15:23
Please, do all Megaman NES Intros!...specially the Megaman 2 Intro y Willy stage 1

You rock! 8 bit style!
Sun 14-Oct-2012 07:49
Sun 19-Apr-2020 09:55
Do you program something extra for the firmware for each tune, or does the "base featureset" of the Chipophone contain enough options to play all these?