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Underhanded code

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Leaky redaction

Yay! Third place in the 2008 Underhanded C Contest. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 14-Oct-2009 19:34, 3 comments.

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This is my contribution to the 6th Underhanded C Contest. The results were announced yesterday, and I was pleased to find that my solution was among the few mentioned explicitly on the result page. Before you check out the official results, you might want to study my code below, and see if you can spot the covert behaviour. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 1-Oct-2014 11:11, 1 comment.

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Faking Fissile Material

Hoo-ray! It turns out I'm the winner of the 2015 Underhanded C Contest! Check out my contribution below, and see if you can spot the sleight-of-hand. Read more.

Posted Wednesday 3-Feb-2016 21:56, 8 comments.