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The lampslide

The lampslide

If mounted normally, this chandelier would hang between the projector and the screen, casting a shadow. It would also block the view from the sofa. By using a wooden door jamb as a rail and constructing a small car to slide along it, I've suspended the chandelier so that it can be moved out of the way easily.

The car was constructed using pieces from the FAC system and a bunch of 4 mm steel rods. There are ball bearings between the car and the rail, and a strong magnet at one end.

The music in the video clip is an excerpt from one of my earlier projects.

Posted Tuesday 10-Nov-2009 16:31

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Sun 15-Nov-2009 23:14
Better cable management is what you need for a room in which you have aimed for high style. The cheap ugly projector "shelf" with exposed wires is pretty awful to look at. Also, a better way to hide your lamps power chord would be; to have a white chord, and maybe keep it tight so it does not hang down. Put a weight on the end so, as you push the lamp over, the chord stays tight and disappears with it, and when you pull it, the chord comes with it and stays tight. Experiment with different weighs and ways to keep friction do it doesn't pull the lamp back towards the wall.

I am not an interior designer, but I like the room, just seems kind of amateur the way you constructed those pieces of which I highlighted.

Just my.02, take it for what it's worth.
Mon 7-Dec-2009 22:22
Skulle den kunna byggas ut och bli en ölhiss?
Linus Åkesson
Mon 21-Dec-2009 09:22
Skulle den kunna byggas ut och bli en ölhiss?

Allt är möjligt. =) Man behöver något slags drivhjul med däck som får plats ovanför skenan, och så behöver man tänka ut hur man ska kunna gå runt hörn.
Tue 10-Apr-2012 18:38
Do you move the projector to different locations frequently?
If not, you could think of mounting it upside down (optical axis parallel to the ground and at the same heigth as the upper edge of the screen). This way you could avoid trapeze adjustment, resulting in an improved image.
(If yes: There are still ceiling mount kits which allow a quick removal of the projector.)
Sat 1-Dec-2012 16:14
Very good idea. I have a friend who needs this sort of thing so she can move her kitchen table and have the chandelier centered wherever the table goes. I don't want to build one, so do you sell them? Write me at drogcl@aol.com. Thanks.
Thu 3-Sep-2020 03:19
This is just what divorced people need, if you combine this with your claw project.

You could sit in front of the television and get snacks from the kitchen without the need to get married.

Of course nature uses parents to do this until we are old enough to use mechatronics.

Very clever !