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Specular Highlight

I composed this SID tune for the Executable Music Oldskool compo at Revision 2014, where it ended up on 5th place.

This piece is a genre study: It is heavily inspired by the kind of lyrical and highly energetic J-pop that tends to be used as opening themes for Anime series. During the (anonymised) compo some people speculated that this was a cover song. This is nice to hear, because it means that I managed to capture the lyrical style well. My conclusion from the experiment is that the genre works well with 8-bit sounds.

Here's the csdb page for Specular Highlight.

Posted Tuesday 13-May-2014 22:46

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Thu 15-May-2014 10:41
Hey Linus, beautiful work!
Tue 20-May-2014 06:56
great tune and I really like the old school arcade effects.
Sat 28-Jun-2014 02:36
So much variety. I could listen to the tune for hours!
Thu 7-Aug-2014 15:02
den outa den.