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A Prehistoric Tale
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This is my second linux 4k intro. It won the 4k compo at Birdie 2006.

Here's the Pouët page for this production.

Posted Tuesday 2-Jan-2007 14:16

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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

uriah dyson
Sat 19-Oct-2019 05:20
how do I run on windows? also HELLO! are you still alive? may we talk?
Linus Åkesson
Sun 20-Oct-2019 21:45

soniiiety wrote:

how do I run on windows?

It's a Linux executable. Perhaps you could run it on a virtual machine.

also HELLO! are you still alive? may we talk?

Hello! Nice to meet you! Yes, I am alive and well. Just spending a little less time online for the time being. I'm mainly active in the Interactive Fiction community now, and this community is currently in IFComp mode, which means that everybody is busy with the games and has less time for idle chatter.