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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Nov 2007


Sun 25-Nov-2007 05:36
Can't agree more with this post.

triad wrote:

As with many decisions on inclusion/non-inclusion at remix.kwed.org this puzzles me. The song totally rocks, and feature the same kind of whirling, twisting movements and modulation that make the two original pieces so endlessly enjoyable.

Grumpily stated if they prefer easy listening they can just go for Klaus Wunderlich or Roland Cedermark immediately and not pass by the infinite design space of enjoyment that the SID is.

But well it's their decision and the song sits nicely on this page, too.

(fortune cookie)

Thu 29-Nov-2007 16:02
If syntax highlighting is useless or even bad in your opinion, then what's the use of a f0cking cortune fookie?!

Mina rim är som lim på ditt skinn (texten)

Fri 30-Nov-2007 14:20