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Jul 2022

The TTY demystified

Fri 1-Jul-2022 22:07
Thanks a lot – those explanations are really helpful and as clear as they can possibly be. The topic itself is quite special: As soon as you use a terminal and a shell, you will encounter all these things – if you want it or not. You can simply let them happen and rely on the fact that everything just works … somehow. But with the help of this article, you can actually understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Great!
Fri 8-Jul-2022 08:01
I have been trying to chew through documents in every unix book possible to explain how the TTY system really works. Your article has been more informative than all of these books. Without a programmers knowledge of how a unix kernel works, it's quite difficult for a System Administrator to understand concepts that are so crucial to their jobs. Thank you for your writing such a great article. Your help is truly appreciated.


Fri 15-Jul-2022 17:41
Have you finished working on Dialog?
Linus Åkesson
Tue 19-Jul-2022 13:54
Have you finished working on Dialog?

Not stopped as such, but it's been a long time since I made a new release. I needed a break from IF after the very intense work that went into The Impossible Bottle, and during that break other projects and interests floated to the surface. But I have made some unreleased improvements to the Dialog compiler since then, so in that sense the project is still ongoing. I'd like to get TIB up and running on the c64, which requires some tool changes. I'm very happy to see that people are using and discussing Dialog.


Fri 29-Jul-2022 06:12
Thanks for making such a neat tty game! I've also made a fork with various improvements (better metamoves, support for playing sequential numbered games, integration with fc-solve and accidental quit protection). https://github.com/ostrosablin/freecell