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Nov 2022

The Commodordion

Tue 1-Nov-2022 19:21
Absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful project & piece of art
Thu 3-Nov-2022 16:20
Do you plan on making more and selling them in the future? I would be interested in purchasing one or having one commissioned.
Fri 4-Nov-2022 02:40
Just heard your amazing version of Maple Leaf Rag on CBC radio (Canada) and I have to say...it's one of the most perfect pieces of music I've heard in decades.

Congratulations, and thank you!
Fri 4-Nov-2022 04:36
That is one of the most unique things I've ever seen done with a Commodore and floppies!
And those are the BIG 8.5 inch floppy disks, which hardly no one knows about. They went out of favor just before the first personal computers hit the market with 5.5 inch floppies. The big floppies were used on mini-computers like DEC and such.
The frickin net knows everything about me. My word image is extubate. My son-in-law is an anesthesiologist. Intubate and extubate, with means putting a breathing tube in, and taking it out, is what he does.
Sat 5-Nov-2022 04:12
I loved the C64 back in the day.

To think I just made industrial controllers with the C64.

Thanks for a flash to the past.

Love your Accordion-ish instrument.

(fortune cookie)

Sat 5-Nov-2022 23:50

The Commodordion

Sun 6-Nov-2022 16:58
Amazing! I am an accordionist and one one.
Mace John Rattington
Sun 6-Nov-2022 19:15
This is amazing!


Mon 7-Nov-2022 11:16

The Commodordion

Mon 7-Nov-2022 14:57
Oh me... impressive!
Mon 7-Nov-2022 19:24
One of the best Youtube videos EVER! :D :D :D
Former C64 owner from Finland.

The bitbuf

Thu 10-Nov-2022 22:52
I'm eager to get my hands on this beauty. Have you considered sharing/selling your code and design? I would love to build a unit!

The Commodordion

Fri 11-Nov-2022 01:35
do you connect the commodorion to a speaker or amp?
Fri 11-Nov-2022 16:26
For an Interview with the producer, where this is mentioned :

Fri 11-Nov-2022 16:26
For an Interview with the producer, where this is mentioned :

Fri 11-Nov-2022 22:49
Come on … This is the first crazy instrument make me really happy and interested at once after marble machine, that will always hold the first position , but this is a crazy and nice idea/implementation. Reading your method for volume I bet you could use air pressure sensor like in drones for alt meter, then you might use the same traditional air pressure control the instrument, but clearer response just an idea :). I always say computer keyboard is not an instrument, but in this case I must make an exception XD Thanks for this experience i will never forget :)
Mon 14-Nov-2022 01:11
I would like to congratulate you for this amazing invention. From a old C64 Uruguayan user back in the 80's .
Hope you enjoy your toy and rock it out!

The sixtyforgan

Mon 14-Nov-2022 02:33
wonderful project

C64 Theremin

Mon 14-Nov-2022 09:26
Great way of achieving a computer readable input. I'm thinking about adding an external pulse counter to your circuit and turning it into a RPi or Wemos hat :-) Let's make a ThereMidi!

(Pieter Cuijpers)


Wed 16-Nov-2022 13:21
Came here from commodordion, I saw vocalise (one of my favorites). This is great. Thank you. I impressed from your skills (musically and on software / hardware).

(fortune cookie)

Fri 18-Nov-2022 10:34
I agree; I don't like all that fancy animated stuff and so on that they like to put in modern computers. For one thing, omitting it would shorten and speed up the program.
The only thing non-engineers care about are the visuals.
non-engineers don't matter. Fridges are built by engineers to fulfill their role, cooling food to just above freezing, as well and efficiently as possible. Although nowadays, they also come with animated touchscreens and internet access for some reason. Keep it functional, stupid.

A case against syntax highlighting

Fri 18-Nov-2022 10:49
Great article. As a language designer, this is really useful to test the quality of your language's syntax, as well as the quality of your coding style. If you cannot recognise your code in the blink of an eye because of missing colours, then that means your coding style sucks and/or the language's syntax is bad. Like in C++ where the syntax is ambiguous. But even in that case, normal syntax highlighting doesn't really help, and you'll need a language server that parses and analyses your program in order to find out which colour to apply to names.

a * b; // is this variable b: a *; or is this multiplication void(a * b); ?

I decided to stop using syntax highlighting from now on.

The Commodordion

Mon 28-Nov-2022 11:46


Mon 28-Nov-2022 21:25
A friend has sent me the link, and I was impressed indeed (having done my analog schematics back in USSR childhood times, and rather none of assembly in my computer time, but I get the drift at least).

Greetings from Moscow, God bless!

Michael Shigorin / ALT Linux Team