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Jag tar inget ansvar för det som skrivs i forumet, förutom mina egna inlägg. Vänligen rapportera alla inlägg som bryter mot reglerna, så ska jag se vad jag kan göra. Som regelbrott räknas till exempel förolämpningar, förtal, spam och olagligt material. Mata inte trålarna.

Aug 2013

Spindle v1

Thu 1-Aug-2013 03:07
This guy is a genius.

The Chipophone

Wed 7-Aug-2013 17:37
Your chipophone is awesome. And you also know to play my favourites games songs!

You rock man!

A case against syntax highlighting

Wed 7-Aug-2013 22:17
damn books, people had such better memories before them. My say: it's always better to have an option than not to have one

About me

Fri 9-Aug-2013 02:45
Big respect for you from Belarus, Brest city. I have always admired such people like you are.


Fri 9-Aug-2013 04:40
I'm the operator with my pocket calculator!
But where is this special key by pressing which it plays a little melody?


Thu 15-Aug-2013 07:56
Making a CPU or all SOC from scratch is the best way to learn.. so I went the same patch.
I have to learn all FPGA stuff to do my scientific word - make a neural network and/or signal filter with it. I have (university property) Altera DE2-115 board, and I started from making a VGA text mode driver (160x50 chars, 8x16 font ripped from Atari ST, attributes a'la CGA). Now it works and I started programming my own 16-bit CPU. It has 8 registers, short instruction set (only 32 instructions coded on 5 bits) and if_c and if_z style conditional execution inspired by the Propeller.

VHDL vs Verilog? I started from VHDL, but now I am a Verilog enthusiast. It is simpler. Much simpler than VHDL. And, like C, the programmer is always right. I have control, not the language.


Can you release a source code of your demo or port it to DE2-115 board?

The Chipophone

Tue 20-Aug-2013 00:47
For my birthday, I wish that you play Monkey Island theme for me :)
Signed : a proud cousin from Martinica.


Ralph Corderoy
Fri 23-Aug-2013 14:43
"I might elaborate on the technical reasons for this in a later post."
Please do, the nitty-gritty in your posts is often very interesting.

Safe VSP

Sat 24-Aug-2013 05:14
It would seem like you could "fix" this (or at least, push the machine so that it didn't happen any more) by putting a few extra pF of capacitance on pin 18 of the VIC.

The TTY demystified

Sat 24-Aug-2013 21:48
So I was searching for information about the TTY system, and where did I, by chance, end up? Thanks for the great article. :-)


A case against syntax highlighting

Sun 25-Aug-2013 23:00
Well, I don't use syntax highlighting anyways.

(fortune cookie)

Sun 25-Aug-2013 23:03
I agree; I don't like all that fancy animated stuff and so on that they like to put in modern computers. For one thing, omitting it would shorten and speed up the program.

Kernighan's lever

Sun 25-Aug-2013 23:07
I do not think it is necessary to deliberately stay away from clever techniques. It depends what you do. Also, debugging isn't exactly twice as difficult; it depends on the program and on other things.

Leaky redaction

Sun 25-Aug-2013 23:09
Those underhanded C codes never pass my code review. I know C programming, and I can see that it is wrong. If you don't see it, you aren't a real C programmer.

About me

Wed 28-Aug-2013 08:57
Linus you are a source of inspiration. Thank you for existing and having your website in english.

from Puerto Rico, xirbin.
nunca pense que fuese a encontrar alguien de puerto rico en esta pagina hehe soy de aguadilla puerto rico tambien

and for you good sir Linus keep up with your awesomeness you keep impressing me everytime amazing work =)


Wed 28-Aug-2013 11:13
Splendid as always! Will have great fun trying this out!

Now we all await a C64 REU version of ScummVM ;^)

//P-a Bäckström

The bitbuf

Thu 29-Aug-2013 23:58
please! i want one too :)