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May 2016

A Prehistoric Tale

Tue 3-May-2016 22:48
That was exceedingly epic! Two thumbs way up!

Also, awesome fish tank.


Fri 6-May-2016 05:01
On 2009 you posted "when I got time, I'll publish the source code". I hope 6 years later you can have spare time to share you knowledge with us! :)
Yeah I am working on a similar problem and would be curious how you did this.

A Prehistoric Tale

Mon 9-May-2016 02:17
Sounds really good. Can these things be controlled via MIDI?


Tobias Hellgren
Sun 15-May-2016 11:23
Drog in Stugan, men fonten verkar sakna ÅÄÖ. Något för framtida versioner?

The TTY demystified

Mon 16-May-2016 21:57
Thank you. I don't think this article will EVER be outdated :P
The images of it already are on high resolution monitors.


Wed 18-May-2016 19:31
Great stuff. Is the music inspired by the NES game Great Battle Cyber by chance?

A Prehistoric Tale

Max Porshnev
Fri 20-May-2016 20:50
What electric signal is going through that short cable between 2 POs? Audio only or audio + some ultrasound sync tones? There is stereo sound, so requires 2 wires + ground, right?

A Computer In My Backpack (And A Chiptune In My Heart)

Sat 21-May-2016 02:01
Beautiful melody, I love what you do and the style of old school. I follow you since the chipophone don't drop out, i hurriedly to listen your new stuff.

Best regards,


P.S. Sorry for my english ! I'm a french Canadian