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Jul 2019

GCR decoding on the fly

Mon 1-Jul-2019 02:56
Update: Make that 17 seconds. by decoding the sector HEADER on the fly as well, the "track-change" delay is reduced by accepting the first sector encountered after changing track.

Also important: The "first byte" and "last byte" decoding code is not shown on this blog, but it is visible in the Shards of Fancy demo. I found that it is unnecessary to separately handle the first byte and enter the zero-page code in the middle. You can start at the top if your "first byte" handling is as follows:

; assuming you already found the sector header of interest, and
; skipped the 'sync' that follows it, here is what you do next:

@byte0: bvc @byte0
lda $1C01
cmp #$55 ; "DATA" signature
bne fail

ldx #$FF
txs ; set SP = $1FF
jmp decoder

fail: rts ; wait for another header, etc...

nop ; required delay
@byte1: bvc @byte1
lda $1C01
lsr A ; set Carry Flag per first decode
and #$3E
sta zaddr0+1 ; address of first "oddtable" access
nop ; required delay
@byte2: bvc @byte2
jmp zpdecode+1 ; top of zero page code (skip the nop)

Good luck all!
--Paul Nelsen
--Oaktree Innovations

VIC Timing Chart

Tue 2-Jul-2019 00:48
Hey, the addendum moved, its now here: https://sourceforge.net/p/vice-emu/code/HEAD/tree/techdocs/VICII/VIC-Addendum.txt



Tue 2-Jul-2019 12:52
I have some questions about the game, I’ve finished it, so if you don’t want to ruin the fun- don’t read!
I am an obsessive person, so when I play IF games I try everything I can think of, just to see how it goes. In this case, I really wanted to see if there was a way to save Judith. I know that would take away from what turned out to be a really beautiful and interesting ending, but I prefer to experience heart wrenching emotions while still remaining willfully ensconced in my naivety.
Here’s my proposal: in the end it takes Charles 4 hours to get back to Judith with a rescue team. After playing the game, I did some reading about hypothermia and I think Judith might have been able to survive if she had followed certain steps. Charles even mentions that she exhausted herself, so one of the requirements could be that she doesn’t expend much energy (ie, remain in one room, or pick a spot and stay there). If Judith huddles in a corner (crawlspace, anyone?) she would be slightly more insulated, and could possibly survive the ordeal, even if she still fell into a catatonic state. Another possibility is capitalizing on the sunlight, or building a snow cave. Whichever method, I think the user could then use the command REST, WAIT or something similar... 240 times. Each turn says that a “moment slips away,” so I’m thinking that if she waits for 240 moments, (if moments = minutes) then she’ll have survived the 4 hours until help arrives. I know this might sound crazy, and like a huge amount of work for you with no discernible payoff- but I think it could be really rewarding for weirdos like me!
I obviously really loved “Tethered,” and even after I finished it, I couldn’t stop thinking about the game. It was completely delightful and unexpected, and I appreciated all the nuances included in the game. Definitely one of my favorite IF games!
I doubt anyone would try my crazy solution without first finishing the game in the way intended. If so, they should be congratulated on arbitrarily choosing 240 as the number of moments they must let slip away! I have no doubt that you would be able to seamlessly allow this bizarre conclusion in a pithy and hilarious way (not a viable waste management system). Thank you for providing a lovely game, you are incredibly talented!

VIC Timing Chart

Linus Åkesson
Tue 2-Jul-2019 21:24
Link updated. Thanks!

A Mind Is Born

Sat 6-Jul-2019 18:00
They ripper audio and video at the end of the video and you got no credits!


Linus Åkesson
Sun 7-Jul-2019 20:51
They have asked for permission, so this is fine.

I don't know why they're rolling the credits at super-speed in the youtube version, but if you select the lowest playback speed (via the settings icon in the youtube player), then you'll see that it's credited.


Mon 8-Jul-2019 22:10
I have the same issue, plasma just silently fails with status code 1


Tue 9-Jul-2019 03:23
For some reason I can't get this to run on an actual C64, runs fine in emulators, but won't work via a SD2IEC. Any troubleshooting advice? I've tried all three versions...

Bit banger

Joost Markerink
Mon 29-Jul-2019 21:37
An instant classic. very strong compo. Great job!


Kasane Kona
Tue 30-Jul-2019 18:01
Hey, it's been a while (I'm 1icri/Anonymous above), I saw some interest in an "oscilloscope view" for this demo and some other lft hardware demos, so I finished up my rather messy music player program and created one! https://youtu.be/scAk5WIpQwQ hope you enjoy it!