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Aug 2023

Machine Yearning

Thu 3-Aug-2023 12:09
Hi Linus,

a marvelous piece of software, but unfortunately it is only running as intended on newer models with 8521 as CIA1. On machines with a 6526 as CIA1 the Bit 7 of the ICR is set one clock after the Timer A underflows and Bit 0 is set. But a read of the ICR with BIT $DC0D at $40C9 can in rare cases reset Bit 0 while Bit 7 is still not set yet and in return Bit 7 will not be set and the underflow is lost, resulting in missed detection of underflows and therefore a playback that is too slow.

Although in german language I have written a detailed explanation about this problem in the Forum64. Feel free to have a look...

Link: https://www.forum64.de/index.php?thread/138247-ultimate-64-lft-machine-yearning-leiert/&postID=2024805#post2024805

Thomas, a.k.a. Freak

A case against syntax highlighting

Thu 3-Aug-2023 16:51

The Paulimba

Markus Becker
Sun 6-Aug-2023 21:40
Amazing Piece of Software. Is it possible to share Paulimba?

C64 Cartridge on a Stripboard

Wed 9-Aug-2023 15:09
> That's only because the byte $09 didn't appear in the Stage 2 code. Otherwise I would have done it.

The byte needn't be $09. You can load $00 to X, and compensate by either changing the memory address where you load, or just decrease the base address in the X-indexed STA statement in Stage 2. As far as I understand, the X-indexed STA handles the carry in the effective address correctly and without a timing penalty.

A case against syntax highlighting

Zoë Sparks
Sun 13-Aug-2023 10:11
I've thought about this article for a long time. A few years ago, I tried coding without syntax highlighting for a few days to see how I felt about it. In the end, I decided that I like the advantages of syntax highlighting, but actually I think it's worth turning it off every now and again to see how your code looks without it.

Like so much in programming, I think there are pros and cons for both approaches.

With syntax highlighting, it's easy to quickly spot things like text or integer literals which you might want to quickly jump into a file and change. This is more convenient in some contexts than others, but when I'm hacking away rapidly on something with complicated, finicky behavior involving a lot of parameters, it's nice to have them all highlighted so they're easy to read and change at a glance. I also feel like, in languages such as C or C++, it can be handy to have all the type names stand out in the code, like if you're looking at a header file and just trying to feel out quickly what types are at play there. Also, if you spend time picking out the colors yourself especially, it can really brighten up the look of your screen while you're coding, and I don't think that should be dismissed too blithely—if you spend ten hours a day coding or whatever I think having your work environment nicely decorated could make a significant difference in your mood over time.

On the other hand, I noticed while I was trying out coding without syntax highlighting that it made me more sensitive to the formatting of my code. I usually think about that a lot to begin with, but I realized then that there were places I could lay out certain constructs more clearly that I hadn't thought about because the syntax highlighting made them look reasonably clear to me. Since other people may not use the same highlighting scheme as you, or even might not use it at all, something that's easy for you to read with your highlighting scheme might not be so much for someone else. However, if you format your code nicely without syntax highlighting, the odds of the syntax highlighting making it any harder to read are quite low, I would say. So, I think it can be a good exercise on that basis, if nothing else—if you try to make your code very readable without syntax highlighting, you can be pretty confident that it will be readable anywhere.

Kernighan's lever

Tue 15-Aug-2023 07:17
This matches with my experience as well. Thanks for sharing.


The Chipophone

Thu 17-Aug-2023 20:13
Finns det möjlighet att köra "chipophone" som mjukvara under windows? Tänkte om man kopplar in ett midi-keyboard och får (nästan) samma funktionalitet?